5 45 Global: Specialists in the Chinese market for all your design, development and manufacturing needs.

5 45 Global have demonstrable experience in sourcing, and developing high quality product and systems – across a range of manufacturing processes, including the following areas:


  • Underground and hard-rock mining solutions including rib, roof and rock stabilisation systems and componentry.

Fibreglass Profiles

  • GRP: water, irrigation and sewerage, above and below ground.
  • GRE: oil and gas, above and below ground.
  • Fibreglass grating, concrete reinforcement and ancillary componentry for all systems.

Erosion Control

  • Earth stabilisation including: water edge, embankments, culverts and drainage solutions.
  • Environmental systems.

Commercial and Residential

  • All construction materials, parts and componentry.
  • Electrical supplies including lighting, cable and hardware.

Tailored Import and Export Solutions

  • Research, product development and logistics support across all commercial and residential needs.

Here at 5 45 Global we are recognised worldwide for our innovative technology and robust product development processes. We're connected with an extensive network of business partners and manufacturing specialists throughout China. Contact us today for all your design, development and manufacturing needs.